You Will Be Disappointed.

But some disappointments are worth remembering!

Many sellers end up disappointed for three reasons:

1. HOW LONG it takes their agent to sell their property,

2. HOW LOW their agent insists on dropping the price to sell it,

3. HOW MUCH commission they end up paying their agent for cookie cutter marketing and sluggish service.

Additionally, if a seller bought in a hot market and is now selling in a low market they may truly feel the bitter disappointment of:


  • Buying without a home inspection,

  • Buying a quirky home that only unique buyers want,

  • Overpaying for a home without doing the right research.

Being aware of these disappointments means a seller might be able to avoid them and spare oneself a lot of pain and suffering. However, so many things can go wrong if a seller doesn’t follow the right steps at the right time.

Providing a seller with this valuable knowledge and experience is the mission of a Family Realtor®.

A Family Realtor® is educated on the local market and all that comes with the market – including knowing the top local service providers for everything from home inspections and repairs to cleaning, staging and legal work.

There are so many pieces to real estate that you want to align with a well connected family realtor®to ensure you’re in good hands.

Why? because the dynamics of families are always changing:


Some families do it the old fashion way and add a few children to the mix, some add animals and some families come together with new families! Depending on your specific needs, a family realtor® understands what your needs are to ensure your transition is smooth.


A family realtor® is vested in the community both professionally and personally. Knowing the areas that meet YOUR family needs is the most important piece to relocating with success.


Sadly, this is a reality too many families face. A family realtor® truly appreciates the privacy of a family struggling through this stressful time and understands the need for discretion and professionalism. A family realtor® looks out for you during this very stressful time so nothing gets missed along the way that can really affect your financial future.


With a local market declining for many years, loss of property value can really affect a Senior’s life investment. Many Seniors homes can be dated and cluttered, requiring alot of time and energy to get them sold. A family realtor® understands the downsizing process can be a long process requiring patience and that downsizing is not for all Realtors®.


The cycle of life is prevalent in real estate. Similar to downsizing, this can be a long and sad process for the family involved. Depending on how the estate has been setup, if at all, can make the process straight forward or very tough. Having a family realtor® who understands the dynamic of family and guiding families through the process, can make or break an entire family. Money can be the root of all evil and aligning with a professional family realtor® you trust will protect your family’s investments.

At Coultas and Co. Family Realtors®, we feel truly lucky to be the ones to protect you from disappointments you can avoid.

Afterall, it’s what family does to protect each other: they’ll tell it to you like it is.

No sugar coating, no nonsense, just direct and to the point. Every piece of valuable advice provided with your best interest at heart, and in mind.

Choose Coultas and Co. , where “You’re Protected, Like Family!”



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